View Our Process for Professional Multimedia Production in Nanaimo

At Castle Multiple Media we have a dedicated 13-step process to create a professional multimedia production. This process ensures the highest quality production for your money and includes the following steps:

  1. WRITING (Together as a group)
  2. DEVELOPING (Working out material musically live)
  3. PRACTISE (Band members take home music to learn)
  4. REHEARSAL (Band rehearsal 4-5 players)
  5. DEMO RECORDING (Record entire band to get semi finished ideas)
  6. RECORD (Record 3 takes of each song as beds, 4-5 players)
  7. BEDS EDITING (Make perfect bed tracks from recordings)
  8. COLOR RECORDING (Record instruments to finalize recording)
  9. COLOR EDITING (Edit all color and prepare for final mixes)
  10. VOCALS (Record main vocal tracks and edit as needed)
  11. HARMONIES (Recording of harmonies and edit)
  12. MIXING (Mix and master final mixes)
  13. MULTIMEDIA (Audio-video in different formats, websites, art, printing)
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